Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Article 9 and 10"

Yesterday evening I checked my real mailbox and I found the following surprise:
My first instinct was to call the police and tell them that some drug dealer must have stashed his stuff in my mailbox. Then I cooled down and checked the hard-to-see-in-the-picture red label and it had my address written on it; I was sure someone was playing a practical joke on me. Then I checked out the back of the label and it had the magic number 85.83 written on it. Mystery solved. While 85.83 might not mean anything to you, it was the cost of some books I ordered from Amazon a few weeks back.
Inside the dubious bag there was a normal Amazon paper box and inside the box my "*-at-work" books in good condition:On the label of the blue bag there was an yellow sticker written in a language resembling English which reads "Goods Do Not Meet The Requirement Of Article 9 and 10 Of The Contract For The Foundation Of The European Community" (verbatim). Googling for this mysterious "Contract" only returns blogposts about the same sticker. If anyone has any idea what is the deal with the weird blue bag please let me know.
Meta-blogging aside, I've started reading the interview with Jamie Zawinski in "Coders at Work" and it seems pretty good. I'll be commenting on it on the blog later on. I can't wait to read the three books.