Thursday, June 7, 2007

Firefox 3 URL "Feature"

On the programing subreddit I got to this link, which describes some new features proposed for Firefox 3.

The one feature that received my attention (in a bad way), is the highlighting of the domain of the current site. For example (taken from here), the URL bar would look like this:

I do not like this. The first problem is that the shade of gray is not readable. The next wrong thing, which is not that obvious, but more problematic, is that this could actually help phishers. I can only image an innocent looking Firefox user: "But the site was really Bank Example. I'm sure. The browser even highlighted for me (where one of the letters is not what it seems)".

Please, please, drop this "feature". There is no use case for it. (Ok. there is a small use case, where if the address is long, with may sub-domains, you don't immediately see the top-level domain...)