Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Article 9 and 10"

Yesterday evening I checked my real mailbox and I found the following surprise:
My first instinct was to call the police and tell them that some drug dealer must have stashed his stuff in my mailbox. Then I cooled down and checked the hard-to-see-in-the-picture red label and it had my address written on it; I was sure someone was playing a practical joke on me. Then I checked out the back of the label and it had the magic number 85.83 written on it. Mystery solved. While 85.83 might not mean anything to you, it was the cost of some books I ordered from Amazon a few weeks back.
Inside the dubious bag there was a normal Amazon paper box and inside the box my "*-at-work" books in good condition:On the label of the blue bag there was an yellow sticker written in a language resembling English which reads "Goods Do Not Meet The Requirement Of Article 9 and 10 Of The Contract For The Foundation Of The European Community" (verbatim). Googling for this mysterious "Contract" only returns blogposts about the same sticker. If anyone has any idea what is the deal with the weird blue bag please let me know.
Meta-blogging aside, I've started reading the interview with Jamie Zawinski in "Coders at Work" and it seems pretty good. I'll be commenting on it on the blog later on. I can't wait to read the three books.


Anonymous said...

Same here. I ordered a book from amazon.com and received it with that sticker, exept there was no plastic bag, only the usual amazon box. Apparently, the 'countract for the foundation of the european community' is the treaty of Rome(1957). And it would have something to do with some Customs charges for goods coming from outside europe, but I wasn't able to find out anything more.

Sorry if my english is not very good, i'm still learning ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Chris said...

I ordered an Region I DVD at Amazon US and my delivery address is Germany. The package arrived at my home address and it also has this yellow sticker. Maybe it is because of the Region I DVD which is not for the europe market.

Indeterminacy said...

Googled the article 9 and 10 text and landed here. My package was a set of dvds as well, and also had a 10 euro or so customs fee on it. It might be a declaration that the goods are not duty free. Used books have a higher exemption, and a lower percentage.

I ordered quite a lot via amazon and elsewhere over the years, to Germany, but this is the first time I saw that sticker.

Mihaela said...

not so nice

Anonymous said...

I found the same sticker on my LL Bean order. I assumed my dorky comfort-waist hiking pants were illegal in France.

Masaj erotic Targu Mures said...

i admit i would have had doughts myself if i saw that bag. books??? what an idea!

Anonymous said...

I live in France, I just received an order of a henna-based hair color product from the US with that yellow sticker on it. I figured it was because of the vegetal nature of henna, so I was surprised to read your posts about books, DVD's and clothes.

Anonymous said...

Received package with same sticker today, just after a mailman from "DHL Global Mail" dropped it in my mailbox.

I was lucky enough to catch the DHL Global Mail guy as he was about to enter his truck.

He said that the sticker was affixed in the United States and simply is an indication for DHL in Europe that no customs/duty fees are be paid to the EU because the value of the goods is too low (mine was USD 5.99). So it does not meet the "requirement" of having to pay for customs because its value is too low.

Btw I looked into this further and there is no such thing as the "Contract for the Foundation of the European Community". There exists a treaty establishing the EU, yes, but no contract. This alone is proof that this sticker isn't attached by any kind of customs inspection authority. And they would have withheld your package anyway if something was illegal with it, they would not allow delivery.

Hopes this helps :-).

Anonymous said...

Hi I received hoodies and tees ordered from Threadless back in November 2013. The package had been opened and resealed, and had these mysterious yellow stickers with the same wording on it too. Thing is they arrived rather later than expected (we thought they had been lost in transit).
Thanks to Anonymous who blogged here in November, your reply helps.
I've messaged Threadless to see if they can enlighten me further about this.

Anonymous said...

My package was with the same sticker... It was the set of American toys...It looks as if it has been opened before... I suppose at the customs. And also I'm not from the EU just my package by some miracle traveled through the Germany...

Thank you anonymous man who caught DHL man you solved this mystery for all of us =)

Anonymous said...

You have to decipher this http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Treaty_establishing_the_European_Economic_Community to understand what the sticker means.

Anonymous said...

I sent a book from Amazon to a friend in France and it arrived with the same sticker. Taking it seriously I concluded that the "thought police" were alive and well in France and opted not to send another for fear of exposing my pal to unnecessary surveillance.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I should share this here:
After a quick google search for the "treaty of rome" (check the first comment) I found the following pdf: http://ec.europa.eu/archives/emu_history/documents/treaties/rometreaty2.pdf
The relevant articles are on p.7.
As far as I can tell, though, it really is just a sign to customs officers...

Lots of trouble to go through for a DVD...

Anonymous said...

thanks for previous comment! I also ordered from Threadless and was worried I'd be receiving a customs bill or something.

If anyone's curious, you can find the contract here:

or here, in its original languages (English wasn't one):